APHRS Allied Professional Course 2019

  02 - 11 Sep 2019

   Twin Plaza Hotel, Jakarta

The arrhythmia, electrophysiology, and pacing fields has been developing really well in Asia Pacific. In accordance to the development of these fields, there is also a significant increases in the number of cardiologists that are having the electrophysiology fellowship across the countries, but sometimes the number of Allied Professionals, such as nurse, technician, and other professionals are not growing as quick as the number of electrophysiologists, not to mention that the ability of the allied professionals are sometimes do not match the  electrophysiologists’ and therefore may impact the quality of the services. As the Allied Professional Sub Com Chairman of Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society, I was really concerned about this, and thus conducted the APHRS Basic Allied Professional Training Program in Indonesia last year. Surprisingly, there were many participants attended at the Training and not only from Indonesia, but also from Myanmar and Vietnam, and the training went really well. Based on the success of the previous training program, I hereby suggesting that the next APHRS Basic Allied Professional Training Program should also be conducted this year in Indonesia. 


Title                                           : APHRS Allied Professional Course

Venue                                      : Twin Plaza Hotel, Jakarta

Date                                        : 2-11 September 2019

Registration and Information :

Email: secretariat.inahrs@gmail.com

Phone: (+62) 87842340665